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#1 Posted : 06 November 2010 04:22:55(UTC)
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Somewhat over 22 years ago I moved to Whaley Bridge. I bought the cottage by the river, directly opposite Botany Gates, which was a bit of a pit when I bought it and was a wonderful place when I sold it(well - I thought so anyway!) . Subsequent occupants  decided it was a bit of  a pit when they bought it  and have made lots of changes since( so they should - and such is life !)  About 10 yards to my left of my front door was Nancys, and about 30 yards to the left  of that was the White Horse .A lot of people who know Whaley as it was back then in the late 1980's might say that that was pretty good positioning!  Ken Ashby had the Horse at the time , and Annie used to play the piano , while others used to pound out the songs, and  at the time, as an umarried chap with no kids and a keen desire to renovate my first property, and a keen thirst/hunger afterwards, I thought it was  simply was one of the best places you could possibly be. 22 years later I still believe I could be nowhere better and have only managed to move several hundred yards away  to where I now live.  

When you are young  I think it is rare and unusual if  you have any great interest in the past or any perception of the history that surrounds you. That seems to be something you only get really interested in when you are older. Many of the regular contributors on the forum seem to have been absorbing, collating and retaining information in a way  that few of us can ever match , and I am very glad that there are those who can do this.

The White Horse has changed ownership just a few times since I first went there but I had never realized quite how many times previously until Phil Cottrell(Cotch), the present landlord, provided me with a list of previous landlords, along with  other information about the pub which he has given me permission to publish.

It is a sign of the times that landlords today have a much shorter tenancy than some of their predecessors. George Pearson spent 51 years as Landlord !

Amazingly, there is a picture of Robert Ward, the Landlord between 1864 and 1874. This is shown below.

Past Innkeepers of The White Horse, Horwich End - with years of tenure

1724-1765 Henry Turner - 41 years

1766-1785 George Ashton- 19 Years

1786-1787 Joseph Shawcross- 1 Years

1788-1791 Mathew Osbaldston -3 Years

1792-1798 Margaret Osbaldston-6 years

1799-1806 John Beard - 7 Years

1807 -1815 Mathew Beard - 8 Years

1815 - 1830 John Goddard - 15 Years (William wood Murdered in 1823 and i'm sure there would have been much discussion)

1831 -1833 Mathew Sheldon -2 Years

1833-1841 Edward Wylde - 8 Years

1841 -1848 Wiliam Goddard - 7 Years

1849-1859 William Richardson - 10 years

1859-1863 Adam Howe - 4 Years

1863-1864 John Barlow - 1 Year (Bridge 42 built this year along with railway extension from Whaley to Buxton). Bet they chatted about it all till the early hours !

1864 -1874 Robert Ward - 10 Years

1875-1926 George Pearson -51 Years !

1926 -1928 John Leah - 2 Years

1928-1935 John Bevins -7 Years

1935-1943 George Edward Barlow - 8 Years

1943-1944 Percy Minns - 1 Year

1944- 1953 Robert Rawlinson - 9 Years

1953-1957 John Leonard Howe - 4 Years

1957-1958 John Oliver Cooke - 1  Year

1958-1965 Wilfred Davies - 7 Years

1965-1968 Edward Bellis - 3 Years

1968 -1969 George Brown - 1 Year

1969 - 1971 Lawrence Morton - 2 Years

1971-1989 Kenneth Ashby - 18 years

1989-1992 Peter Smith - 3 Years

1992 - April/June Anthony Peter Murphy/Graham Robert Arnfield - 2 months

1992-1995 John Dutton Hodgkinson - 3 Years

1995 -1998 Nicola Joanne wigg - 3 Years

1998- 1999 David Michael Oldham - 1 Year

1999- 2002 Patrick Nicholas Murphy - 3 Years

2002- 2005 Susan & Andrew Littler - 3 Years

2005 - 2006 Anne Campbell - 1 Year

2006 - ....  Philip Cottrell (Cotch)- 4 Years and counting....... (topics of conversation might be :the possible demolition of Bridge 42 , extension of Tescos, and the dvdcheapbeerstayathomealitupfeetup disease that is spreading through Whaley Bridge) 

Thanks to Cotch for providing this information.

Perhaps people can provide some other snippets of information that people would have been talking about during the tenure of the various landlords !



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CllrJonG attached the following image(s):
robert ward landlord whorse1864 - removed address.jpg
Jon Goldfinch - Forum Administrator and Town Councillor
Whaley Bridge Town Council - Fernilee Ward

R. Stephenson-Smythe  
#2 Posted : 06 November 2010 13:04:15(UTC)
R. Stephenson-Smythe
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Once again an excellent post from Jon, The Whaley One,
What is wrong with the other eleven Muppets? Are we beneath them?
I remember Ted Bellis having a ferocious argument with Bob Longden about who was the best shot with a 12 bore (something no doubt close to your heart, Jon). They decided to resolve the matter by having a shooting contest the following weekend and it was to take place in the bottom room.
Each contestant had their own shotguns and Bob was to provide the targets in the form of live hens.
Fortunately, after a good night’s sleep, both nearly came to their senses and the contest was postponed until Bob’s hens had stopped laying.
It never did take place as far as I know.
You would have loved those times, Jon.
Next was George Brown and it has amazed me that George was only there for a year. He was deadly on the dart board with his lead weighted, wooden darts and he looked a bit like Dennis Priestley although George never wore a Dennis the Menace T shirt.
Surely he was there more than just a year.
Equally amazing is that Lawrence only did a 2 year stint. Lawrence came from the Grove on the A6 on the right hand side of the road going from Furness to Newtown.
The Grove was knocked down to make access for the new houses built by Temple Somerville.
What sandwiches they made at The Horse in those days! And I think the pub layout was much better then.
R. S-S
#3 Posted : 04 March 2014 10:27:50(UTC)
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whaleys longest serving landlord cotch has left the white horse after 8 years.........................end of an era........................what does the future hold??????????????????
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